The Colour You Like For Your Interior Decoration. And It’s Meaning.

Welcome to my twenty third blog šŸ™‚. And my first blog in Interior Design šŸ™‚!!!

I love designing space. Designing space for a perfectionist makes you feel perfect. It’s a good feeling when the design is perfect. Everything in the space is made just for you and your personality. And what you want to achieve in that particular space. It feels great when everything in your space is beautiful . Everything is just perfect.

I will start off my first blog in interior design by looking at different colours and what they mean. You will get to find out the different moods oozed out by different colours. And where you can use them in.

The Different Colours And Their Meaning.


Interior designing in red.

The colour red represents fire, passion or strength. It’s one of the best colours to use when you want things in your room to stand out very easily. If you use it in balanced/ good proportions it can be a pure and strong colour. But if not balanced, it can be aggressive and demanding.

When you want things to stand out in any space you have. Whether the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom you can use bright or dark colours and a little something red.

This bold red colour can be warm and inviting. And it can make you feel energetic and it stimulates and excites.

Beware of using too much red colour as it can be overstimulating.


Designing a room in orange.

The colour orange symbolises courage and hospitality. It evokes a sense of adventure and friendliness. Orange is a fun colour to work with in interior design.

Bolder shades of orange feel extravagant, warm and comfortable. The lighter orange colours create a feeling of tenderness and romance. They can also be sophisticated and elegant depending on one’s taste and personality.

The colour orange creates a sense of vibrant interior design. And it evokes positive emotions which will all bring excitement into your home or office design.


Interior decoration in green.

The colour green is the colour for nature. It symbolises hope, good luck and abundance.

As green represents ‘nature’ it can be used in spaces where you want to get the feel of the outdoors. And when used in the right way, it brings harmony and peace in the space you want to design.

It’s also one of the great colours to mix with others for a great interior design. This is proved by nature as every colour of flower has a green leaf and stem.


Designing in yellow

Yellow can make people feel confident and optimistic. It is associated with warm and happy things in life. It is used to make people smile and feel joyful.

When it’s used for interior design, it creates a sense of warmth and coziness. This colour of happy emotions creates happy interior decorating.

A person surrounded by yellow in an interior decorated space feels cheerful and energetic.

Rooms that are decorated in yellow have the effect of improving people’s moods. And it makes people forget about their trouble.

However using bright yellow paint is not recommended for decorating the entire room. Matching it with darker colours or brighter ones can make it stand out beautifully.


Decorating in blue

Blue expresses a calm and refreshing feeling. It evokes a sense of serenity and peace. And it is a very soothing colour. This is why it is the perfect colour for the bedroom. While in the bathrooms, it can create a spa-like tranquil atmosphere.

Strong blue stimulates clear thought while soft blues calm the mind. Blue is a cool, quiet and reserved colour which can also represent formality.

Too much blue can be depressing and it’s best paired with white or other lighter shades of blue.

It’s very ideal for reception areas as it is formal, conservative and balancing.


Interior design in purple

Purple is a dramatic, rich and sophisticated colour. It gives your interior design depth. And it’s mostly associated with luxury and creativity.

The lighter shades of purple, like lavender, add a restful quality to a room. Violet is mostly used to decorate the girls bedrooms as it is a peaceful and calm colour. It’s also used in working and learning areas as it is a creative colour.


Interior decoration in brown.

Brown is mostly associated with dark woods and rich soil. It’s a down to earth colour signifying stability, protection, comfort and support.

Since brown represents strength and maturity. It’s mostly favoured by males in interior design.


A room desiged in grey

Grey is a very versatile colour in interior design. As it can be mixed up with other colours to create a whole new and exciting look.

Grey creates a sense of neutrality and balance. Being a neutral colour it’s mostly used with other colours as it does not dominate them.


Interior design in black.

Black is the right colour for getting a sophisticated and elegant look. Although it’s associated with evil, mourning and death. It’s also the colour of wisdom.

In interior design, it’s always used in small amounts. With contrasting and complementary colours.

When used the right way, it can add depth and timeless elegance into a room. Or create a sense of mystery. Don’t use it in large quantities as it can evoke a sense of oppressiveness.


Designing in white.

The white colour expresses purity and cleanliness. This fresh, peaceful colour is used widely in interior design. It brings out a sense of youthfulness, faith and innocence. It can make small spaces appear large and also make rooms livelier, fresher and crispier.


Interior design in pink

Pink is often regarded as precious and girly. Being a light version of red. It symbolises passion in a gentle way. Pink colour shades are youthful and sweet. And will always add a touch of softness and femininity to an interior design.

Soft and beautiful shades of pink which are inspired by gorgeous pink flowers or paintings. Are excellent for warm and cool interior design. Decor that is quite unique and comforting.

Bright and deep pink colour shades add drama to interior design. Hot pink and magnetas, purplish and reddish pink colours add energy and sophistication to a design.

They also add maturity and gracefulness into the home decor. This is especially if the pink colour is combined with deep purple, black or gray colour items.

Enjoy decorating your space šŸ™‚!!!

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