Again… What Did You Do?

Welcome to my twenty second blog 🙂!!!!

What did you do? What did your faith make you do? What do you believe? And what did it make you do? What you believe is very important. It determines your actions.


One day Jesus was preaching in a room full of people. This story is from Luke 5: 17-20. A paralyzed man carried by his friends on a mat was brought to Jesus to be healed. But since the room was too full of people listening to Jesus. The paralyzed man could not be taken to Jesus by his friends.

The story gets exciting and it makes one wonder what we could do because of our faith.

They could have decided to wait it out. You know, let Jesus finish preaching and when people are leaving. Take their friend to Jesus to be healed.

They could also have decided to come back the next day. And maybe, very early in the morning, before Jesus became crowded again.

And maybe, if they lived in the town where Jesus was preaching, that is Galilee. They could have followed him back to where he was staying. After he had finished preaching. And asked him to heal their friend.

I don’t know how they looked up. And saw the solution. But they looked at their paralyzed friend and looked at the roof. And they all decided that taking their friend to Jesus through the roof was the solution.

They went up to the roof and made a hole. And they let their paralyzed friend down through the roof until he was infront of Jesus.

Luke 5:20, When Jesus saw how much faith they had, he said to the paralyzed man,” My friend your sins are forgiven.”

Their faith is very impressive. They believed so much that Jesus could make their friend walk again. And this led them to take extreme action. They decided to go up the roof and make a hole so that they could let down their friend in front of Jesus so that he could be healed 😮. And he was healed 😃! And he walked 😱….

Amazing!!! What do you believe about God and yourself? And what does it make you do?


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