Do You Believe God Can Give You A Bright Future?

Welcome to my nineteenth blog!!!🙂

Psalms 16:5-6, You Lord are all I want. You are my choice and you keep me safe. You make my life pleasant and my future is bright.

A bright future with God.

These Bible verses remind me of the story of Joseph. Joseph is the firstborn of Rachel and Jacob. The big brother of Benjamin. He also had ten step-brothers who were the sons of Leah. Leah was Jacob’s first wife.

Life is not easy for Joseph, but throughout his life story, he chooses to trust in God. His life is full of turmoil as he goes through many problems that should make him bitter and angry with life.

First, his own brothers decide to sell him as a slave in a foreign country, Egypt. They do this because they are jealous of him. He was born in his father’s old age. This made him be loved very much by his father.

His father even gave him a beautiful coat of many colours. This made his brothers extremely angry. As a result of this, they threw him in a pit and later sold him to be a slave in Egypt.

Joseph is thrown in a pit.

Luckily, Joseph got a good master who liked him. God’s hand was still with him. His master, Potiphar, put him in charge of his house. He liked Joseph’s work and he decided to put his house under his care. Even in a foreign nation God was still with him. Guiding and protecting him.

Unfortunately another tragedy happened. What could be worse than being a slave? You are wondering…. being put in prison. Potiphar’s wife falsely accused him of rape when he refused to sleep with her. And thus he had to be thrown in prison.

Things were grim and it looked like it was the end of his life. But even in prison, God was with him. He was put in charge of other prisoners by the jailer because he too liked Joseph too much.

One day Joseph helped two prisoners by interpreting their dreams. This kind act made one prisoner to remember Joseph when the Pharaoh had a dream he needed to be interpreted. The prisoner who was released and sent back to his job. He told the king about Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. And the Pharaoh sent for him.

Joseph correctly interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams. And he ended up being made to be second in command to the Pharaoh. He also ended up saving Egypt from famine.

In a country not his own, Joseph became the second most powerful person. Just for interpreting people’s dreams. Who knew it would end up like this? God Knew.

Joseph, second in command in Egypt.

Hold on to God, he knows your future. He has made it a bright one.

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