God Will Turn Your Nothing Into Something good And Beautiful.

Welcome to my eleventh blog!!!!🙂

Have you seen the movie homeless to Havard. It’s about a young girl, Liz Murray. Liz is a young girl born into a very poor family. Her mother is mentally ill and later she dies because of the effects of drug abuse. She is left with her father who is not capable of taking care of her.

Homeless to Havard.

For part of her life she is forced to live in the streets with nobody to look out for her. She later decides to go back to school. And with her determination and the courage to be better. She focuses all her energy in school work and she finally gets into Havard university.

She also gets to work with the New York Times, a leading newspaper company. A story with a very sad beginning but with a beautiful ending.

It reminds me of a small two verse story in the Bible about Jabez. Jabez was given this name by his mother because during his birth he caused her a lot of pain.

Maybe also during his life he experienced a lot of heartache, trouble and difficulties. The Bible doesn’t tell. But he prayed to God and asked God to bless him and expand his territories. The Bible actually confirms that God did answer his prayers.

God can take your nothing and change them into something. Your life might be full of a lot of difficulties. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And this light is God.

Light at the end of a tunnel.

He is the All Powerful God and there is nothing impossible for Him to do. God can take what is considered nothing, useless and not worth any attention. And turn it into a very successful and brilliant story.

Genesis 1:1-4,

1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

2. The earth was barren, with no form of life. It was under a roaring ocean covered with darkness. But the spirit of God was moving over the water.

3. God said,” I command the light to shine”. And the light started shining.

4. God looked at the light and saw it was good.

God made this useful world we now live in from something that was useless. It was without shape or form but he made it a home for his people. He also liked it. As he said it was good.

God has the power to change all the bad things in your life into good things. If he could change a formless earth into a valuable earth. How much more can he do for you. For whom He sent His only Son to die for. So that he could save you from your sins and give you eternal life.

Just ensure, you pray to God and wait for what you want to happen. And like for Jabez, he will answer.

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