Hold On To God’s Word, It Gets Happier In The End.

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Parable of the sower

Today I will talk about one of the parables of Jesus.

One day a farmer went to plant on his farm. He preferred to use the broadcast method of farming or the scattering method. Some of the seeds he scattered fell along the road. Unfortunately, the seeds were eaten by the birds.

Other seeds fell among the rocks. These seeds were fortunate as they were able to grow. But they dried up very quickly. They dried up because the soil among the rocks wasn’t deep.

Seeds that fell among the rocks.

More seeds fell among the thorn bushes. When the thorn bushes grew up, they choked up the plants. According to science, they were competing for the same resources as the plants. These resources are such as water, sunlight and minerals. Hence they end up choking the plants.

A few of the remaining seeds fell on good soil. These were the most fruitful seeds that the farmer planted. They were able to produce a bountiful harvest. Much more than the farmer had planted. They produced a hundred or sixty or thirty times more than what they planted.

The disciples didn’t understand what this parable meant and they decided to ask Jesus about it.

Jesus explained the meaning. The farmer represents God while the seeds represent his word. The farm represents people’s hearts. The different types of places the seeds fell on, represent the different conditions of people’s hearts. These are the hearts of the people who hear the word of God.

Good soil

Let’s start with the seeds that fell along the path but were eaten by the birds. These are people who hear God’s word and don’t understand it. Then because they don’t understand , they easily forget it. As the devil comes and snatches the message from their hearts.

The seeds that fell on rocky ground but later dried up because the soil wasn’t too deep. These are the people who when they hear the word of God, they gladly receive it and accept it. But since hard times are part of life. When they get to the hard times in life, they forget God and give up. Or when the word of God gets them in trouble, they give it up easily.

The seeds that fell among the thorns and were later choked up. They represent the people who hear the message of God and accept it. But later the worries of the needs of life and the lies about getting rich leads them away from God. Hence they never think about God anymore.

Seeds that fell among the thorns.

Finally, the seeds that fell on good ground and produced a good harvest. These are people who hear the word of God and understand it. They persevere through the hard times and use God’s message to survive the lies of the world. And eventually, they get to receive God’s rewards. Which leads them to do much more.

I think this parable teaches that it is not easy being a Christian. We all have to live this life and achieve what we need to. So let’s use God’s word to go through the hard times and the worrying times in life.

Let’s use it to undo the lies we are told by the world. Because after all is said and done, with God’s word it gets happier in the end.

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