Thank you, Jesus!

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When you give your child a present and they don’t say anything to you. There is always that common phrase that follows from the adult.

” Na unasema nini?” meaning “What do you say?”

Thank you

Well… a long time ago, Leprosy was a very serious disease. It came with very painful sores all over one’s body. And in serious cases, one would lose different parts of their bodies.

In Jesus’s time, there was no cure for this stubborn disease. Those who were infected had to be chased from their family, friends and community. They had to live outside their villages and beg for food. The lepers also had to shout as they walked along to warn others of their presence. They did this to avoid infecting others with leprosy.

When you looked at the person with leprosy, they were a sight for sore eyes. They were treated as an outcast. And no one wanted to be close to them.

In Luke 11: 11- 17, Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. He met 10 lepers. They stood at a distance from Jesus and asked him to pity them. Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest.

As they were on their way to the priest. They noticed that they were healed. All the sores had disappeared and they looked perfectly normal.

They were now eager to go back to their families and communities. Hoping that they would be treated as normal people. Just like before.

One leper remembered how it was like before. He remembered he was excommunicated but now he was free to go back to his family. The leper remembered he had to beg for food, but now he was going to have plenty. He was happy that now unlike before he was going to be around his family and friends.

As a result of these happy emotions in him. The leper from Samaria turned back excitedly and ran back to Jesus and said ‘Thank you, Jesus.’

Thank you, Jesus.

Jesus asked the man in wonder. Where are the rest? Weren’t there ten of you?

Have you thanked God lately? Things might be bad but I am sure you can’t miss something to be thankful of.

Thank God today for anything in your life. And He will be happy you remembered Him…

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