Do You Know There Are One Million Stars In The Sky?

Welcome to my second blog 🙂!!!

Do you know that there are only one million stars in the sky? And one plus one is eleven(1+1=11)?

Stars in the sky.

Well….NO…One plus one is two.(1+1=2). Hence there are uncountable stars in the sky.

I have once tried to count them. I don’t even think I got to twenty for various reasons.

Reasons 1: Some stars are too small. This is because are too far away.

Reason 2: The stars are too many. They are too close to each other. This makes them too difficult to count.

Reason 3: When l look up in the sky to count the stars. I wonder where do I start and where do I end.

Reason 4: Why am I counting again?

Reason 5: They are just too beautiful to count.

In Psalms 147: 4-5, the Bible says. The Lord decides how many stars there would be in the sky. 5: Our Lord is great and powerful. He understands everything.

So to my question….Do you know that there are a million stars in the sky. The answer is No. Only God knows how many stars are in the sky. He placed them there.

And did you know this? He gave each one of them a name. And yes, even the smallest star in the sky that does not shine. And you can’t see it. It has a name.

What’s my point? God knows everything about you? All the good and all the bad. All your joys and all your sorrows. All your 😀 and all your 😔. Hence God is not the stranger to you.

He is the one and may be the only Person (Being) who gets you. I mean he created you, then it is not hard for him to understand you.

The question is………Do you know God?

Read the Bible and pray so that you can get to know the great and powerful God who understands everything.

He will definitely love your company….

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